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Legends of Runeterra

Riot Announces the Legends of Runeterra World Championship

Legends Runeterra World Championship

It’s finally time to determine the best Legends of Runeterra players in the world. After a few months of seasonal tournaments and plenty of climbing on the ladder, players now have a shot to prove themselves against the cream of the crop. On Tuesday April 20, Riot games announced the first ever Legends of Runeterra World Championship. A new global competition is available for Riot’s competitive CCG.

The latest entry into the global competitive titles produced by Riot will kick off later in 2021. The initial qualifiers for the World Championship start this September. 64 players from each of the major regions will battle against one another for a coveted seat in the finals. Only 11 seats are dedicated for both Europe and both the Americas, while Asia and SEA will compete for 5 seats between the two. Despite the limited seats in the final bracket, players will have a few ways to qualify for the main event.

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First and foremost, the top players from the ranked ladder will find a spot in the qualifying tournament. The top 22 players from the ranked ladder will get a shot at making it to the finals. The top four players from five Season Tournaments will be granted a seat as well in the World Championship qualifiers. Lastly, 22 more players will join the World Championship qualifiers based on their total Season Tournament points. Points are allotted to players after each game won in Open Rounds and Playoffs throughout a Season Tournament.

A year after it’s release, Riot is ready to show off Legends of Runeterra on the global stage. The young card game looks to break through as the next big thing. Get your decks ready, as there is still plenty of time to grind that ranked ladder and qualify.

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