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Legends of Runeterra

New Legends of Runeterra Set Will Add 120 Cards and New Region

With the official launch of Legends of Runeterra for both PC and Mobile comes a new set of over 120 cards and a brand new region. At launch, there will be “7 regions, 35 champions, and more than 400 cards.” Currently, nothing about the new cards, champions or region has been revealed. From this announcement up through April 28, the official Legends of Runeterra social channels will be revealing all new content for the game.

Here is a list of all of the channels to follow:

The addition of so many cards will undoubtedly shake up the meta significantly. What is most noteworthy is the number of new champions and the new region that is being added. Currently, there are six regions and four champions per region which equals out to 24 champions currently in the game. With the announced seven regions and 35 champions this means that not only will there be five new champions for the new region but, that likely, each current region will also receive a new champion.

To say that the game may feel completely different and the old decks will need to be tuned and refined might be an understatement. There will be brand new strategies come Patch 1.0 as well as a new way to play the game on mobile.

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