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Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra RPG Lab Announced as new PVE Mode

Legends of Runeterra RPG Lab

In a major announcement for the Legends of Runeterra team, a new Lab will be coming that focuses on Bilgewater. This will be the first Legends of Runeterra RPG Lab called “The Saltwater Scourge”. It will be PvE and will have the players focus on building up a deck to take down Gangplank at the end. In the announcement video, it was made clear that this would not be the last time this type of mode would happen.

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Legends of Runeterra has done a great job of pushing the online card game into new directions. While it maybe has not found the success it was hoping for, many who do play the game regularly rave about it. Labs have been a fun way to test out new aspects of the game and get away from just the competitive side. This new one continues the LoR team’s desire to make more PvE additions to the game. It would seem as though this RPG-style game could end up becoming a mainstay.

Below is a look at the map and much more.

Legends of Runeterra RPG Lab Map 3

Map 2


As one can see there will be different paths that the players can choose. They will have a health bar similar to RPGs. Players will have them facing off against different foes. By beating their opponents, who are the computer, players will gain experience and level up. This will give them access to new cards to build up their deck for the ultimate foe in Gangplank.

LoR RPG Lab Rewards

Players will get a choice of who they want to start their run with. The options are Miss Fortune, Tahm Kench and Twister Fate. It is assumed that as more regions and stories are visited for the RPG mode that many of the champions will have available to be chosen.

Legends of Runeterra RPG Lab Starters

While it has not been confirmed, it seems as though this RPG mode will become a regular part of Legends of Runeterra. Make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus to stay up to date on the Legends of Runeterra RPG Lab and all Legends of Runeterra news.

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