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Legends of Runeterra Releases First Look of Coming Draft Mode, Expeditions

legends of runeterra expeditions

The new card game from Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra, is set to enter into its next preview patch on November 14. This will go for just five days until the 19th and will include a new draft-based game mode called Expeditions.

Today, Legends of Runeterra released a video explaining more about the new game mode, which looks to be an exciting new way to play the card game. That video can be seen below.

Expeditions, Explained

For those familiar with Blizzard’s, Hearthstone, this mode looks to be slightly similar to that game’s Arena mode, but with a few key differences. In this mode, rather than drafting single cards to make a deck, players draft different random sets of cards to combine together to make a deck. As a player progresses in the mode, there are opportunities to get additional cards, trade cards and more. This further sets Legends of Runeterra apart from it’s Blizzard counterpart.

Outside of the drafting, the goal of the mode is to win a series of games without achieving two consecutive or six total losses in a run. Doing that ends the run, similar to what three loses does in a Hearthstone Arena run.

For more on Legends of Runeterra’s new mode and it’s eventual release timeline, be sure to stay tuned for more coverage here, at The Game Haus. Below is a reminder of the release timeline.

legends of runeterra release




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