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Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra Official Launch and Patch 1.0 Notes

Legends of Runeterra is finally launching with Patch 1.0 There is quite a bit to this patch as not only will the game be coming out on PC and Mobile but a whole new expansion, Rising Tides plus a plethora of cards has been added. Patch 1.0 will be live on PC on April 28 but won’t be on mobile until April 30. With that in mind, it is time to get into the meat and potatoes of what is coming with this patch.

Rising Tides with Bilgewater

Here is a quick overview of what is being added with the Rising Tides Expansion.

Here are all of the new Champions that have been added along with their Region. If anyone wants to see all of the new cards, they can check that out here.

  • Quinn
Shadow Isles
Piltover and Zaun

Mobile LoR

The mobile version will be coming out on April 30 both to iOS and Android. It is possible that it may be in the store earlier than that as they will be making it available on April 28 but depending on the region, players may not see it until April 30. The only regions that will not be getting LoR mobile will be China and Vietnam. Players can attach their Riot Games accounts to this version but they do not necessarily have to. the only issue will be that they cannot keep progress with the PC version if they do not.

Launch Rewards

Moonstruck Poro

All players who login to Legends of Runeterra by 11:59 PM, May PST will get the Moonstruck Poro Guardian. This should hit people’s accounts sometime within the first 48 hours of the game’s release and subsequentially a player’s first login to it after the patch.

First-Week Login Rewards
  • New LoR accounts (and those existing as of Patch 1.0) can now redeem login rewards each of the first seven days they log in:
    • Day 1: 1x Capsule
    • Day 2: 1x Expedition Token
    • Day 3: 1x Golden Chest
    • Day 4: 1x Commander Ledros, 2x Atrocity
    • Day 5: 1x Champion Capsule
    • Day 6: 1x Platinum Chest
    • Day 7: 
      • 2x Ashe, 1x Rimetusk Shaman, 1x Icy Yeti, 2x Icevale Archer, 2x Shatter
      • A new starter deck (Freeze and Decay) will be added to your collection, based on the above 8 cards plus others acquired in the Prologue starter decks.

“While we’re turning this track on for current players, there is one known issue—players who own duplicate copies of Day 4’s rewards (2x Atrocity, 1x Commander Ledros) will have them converted into shards without a visualisation or duplicate protection. All Day 7 rewards ARE covered by duplicated protection (and fully visualized).”

Region Road Updates

Bilgewater will get its own Region Road like all the other regions. Other regions will all get extensions as well. This means new cards and new card backs.

  • All Region Roads extended from 20 to 25 levels.
    • New levels for existing regions will only drop Rising Tides cards (until you unlock them all).
    • Levels 1-20 can now drop Rising Tides cards.
    • The last level for each region rewards a regional card back! 
  • “XP Boost Level” system added—earn extra XP towards completing early Region Road levels.
    • From Patch 1.0, the first 12 levels on the original six Region Roads (i.e., not Bilgewater) will multiply XP applied toward them by 50%.   
    • System will be adjusted over time—for example, to include Bilgewater levels, or to advance further down Region Roads with future releases. 


They will be adding all-new emotes, card backs, boards and Guardians. All will be inspired by the Rising Tides and Bilgewater. The newest board will be the Slaughter Docks.


They are adding the Powder Monkey and Baley.

Card Backs

  • 7 regional card backs can now be earned through the updated Region Roads. 
  • 3 new champion card backs now available for 490 Coins each.
    • The Loose Cannon (Jinx)
    • The Might of Demacia (Garen)
    • The Unforgiven (Yasuo)
  • Card Backs section added to Collection and Store.
    • Default Summoner’s Rift Card Back converted to a Collection item automatically owned by all accounts.


Launch also brings the end of the Beta Season and the start of LoR’s first post-launch ranked season—the Season of Plunder. Beta participants will earn a Beta Season-exclusive icon based on the highest tier they reached. Beta ranks will be partially reset for the new season, then you’ll have about two months to climb as high as you can before the Season of Plunder ends and the next Ranked reward is granted (reward details coming soon).

  • Beta Season will end at approximately 9 AM, April 28 PT.
    • Beta Season ranked rewards will be granted with your first login after Patch 1.0.
  • Ranked queue will be disabled for approximately 24 hours, then we’ll start the Season of Plunder around 10 AM, April 29 PT.
  • Ranks partially reset:
    • Master accounts will drop 800LP (8 divisions).
    • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
    • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
    • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Expeditions Archetypes

We’ve got a ton of Expeditions updates for Rising Tides, with both eight new archetypes to draft and updates to all existing archetypes.

  • Eight new Rising Tides archetypes added to the Expeditions draft pool.
    • This includes six new archetypes for every existing region paired with Bilgewater and one for solo Bilgewater, as well as one new bonus archetype featuring Jinx and Fizz.
    • Rising Tides archetypes will temporarily be twice as likely as they would be otherwise to appear in the initial Champion Picks. We’ll even out these chances in a later patch.
  • Card lists have been adjusted for all existing archetypes, primarily adding cards from Rising Tides and in many cases removing older cards to make room for them.

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