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Legends of Runeterra

Condensed Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.4 Notes

As with all of Riot’s games, Legends of Runeterra continues to have regular updates in order to keep the meta fresh. Earlier in the week, the new season, the Season of Fortune was revealed with plenty of new things and information. This included a full roadmap for the rest of this year and all of next year in terms of new cards and regions. That is all that has been revealed for now. Instead, here are the changes along with a new game mode coming to Legends of Runeterra in Patch 1.4. Full patch notes here.

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New Game Mode

The new LoR game mode, Gauntlet will be arriving on June 26 with a second type of it coming July 3. For a full look at the new mode, check out the details here.


The Season of Plunder is ending with the Season of Fortune taking its place. With it, ranked will be disabled until 10am PT, June 24. There is also a partial ranked rest.

  • Master accounts will drop 800LP (8 divisions).
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Card Changes


Darius: (level 2) Health: 5 → 6

Anivia: Cost: 7 → 6

Braum: Cost: 3 → 4   Power: 0 → 1   Added text: The first time I survive damage, summon a [Mighty Poro].

Braum (level 2): Cost: 3 → 4   Power: 0 → 2   Health: 7 → 6

Jinx (level 2): Super Mega Death Rocket!   Cost: 2 → 1

Followers and Spells

Genevieve Elmheart: Power: 4 → 5  Health: 4 → 5

Unyielding Spirit: Spell speed: Burst → Fast

Basilisk Rider: Health: 2 → 3

Captain Farron: Old text: Play: Transform all cards in your hand into [Decimates].   New text: When I’m summoned, create 3 [Decimates] in hand.

Aurora Porealis: Cost: 7 → 6

Poro Herder: Cost: 4 → 2   Power: 3 → 2   Health: 4 → 3   Old text: When I’m summoned, draw 2 Poros if you have a Poro ally.   New text: When I’m summoned, draw a Poro if you have a Poro ally.

She Who Wanders: Added keyword: [Regeneration]

They Who Endure: Cost: 6 → 7

Ren Shadowblade: Cost: 8 → 4   Power: 6 → 3   Health: 4 → 3   Old text: When the enemy summons a follower, grant it Ephemeral.  New text: [Quick Attack] Strike: Create a [Shadow Fiend] in hand.

Jae Medarda: Cost: 8 → 6   Health: 6 → 4   Power: 6 → 4   Old text: [Elusive] When I’m targeted, draw 1.   New text: When I’m targeted and survive, draw 1.

Created by Cursed Keeper: Escaped Abomination   Health: 4 → 3

The Harrowing: Cost: 10 → 9

Dreg Dredgers: Power: 2 → 1

Mind Meld: Cost: 8 → 7

Petty Officer: Health: 1 → 2

Nab Cards (Steal-from- deck cards)

  • Effects that draw from the enemy deck now draw from the bottom of the enemy deck
    (rather than the top).
  • New keyword implemented—Nab: Draw a non-champion card from the bottom of the
    enemy deck.
Affected Cards

Black Market Merchant: Health: 2 → 1

Pilfered Goods

Yordle Grifter

Boards, Card Backs, Emotes, Guardians and Bundles

Lee Sin Board

Lee Sin Board

Card Backs
Lee Sin, Fizz, Miss Fortune

Von Yip

Lee Sin Bundle

Expedition Archetypes

● Added: Mark of the Isles, Phantom Prankster, Splinter Soul
● Removed: Glimpse Beyond, Neverglade Collector
Battle Scars
● Added: Avarosan Marksman
● Removed: Stalking Wolf
Death’s Door
● Added: Vengeance
● Added: Blade’s Edge, Shadowshift
● Added: Chum the Waters, Rising Spell Force, Scrapdash Assembly
● Removed: Coral Creatures, Daring Poro, Hired Gun
Noxian Might
● Added: Culling Strike, Shunpo
● Added: Armored Tuskrider
● Removed: Mobilize, Savage Reckoner
● Added: Crimson Disciple, Imperial Demolitionist, Savage Reckoner, Used Cask
● Removed: Armored Tuskrider, Clump of Whumps, Rummage, Zaunite Urchin
Shadows and Dust
● Added: Glimpse Beyond, Shadow Fiend, Warden’s Prey
● Removed: Sapling Toss, Vengeance
Spell Slingers
● Added: Double Up, Pilfered Goods, Pool Shark, Salvage, Spirit’s Refuge
● Removed: Jailbreak, Rivershaper, Rush, Sleight of Hand, Will of Ionia
Total Recall
● Added: Recall
● Removed: Zephyr Sage
● Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High (from Medium)

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