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Legends of Runeterra

Beyond the Bandlewood Welcomes New Multi-Region Cards

New Multi-Region Cards

The last of the Legends of Runeterra regions is joining the game soon. Bandle City is coming to LoR and along with it are plenty of brand new cards. With any new set, there are plenty of new mechanics and keywords to learn as the game is changed significantly. But Bandle City brings even one more big change to the game. The new expansion introduces players to brand new multi-region cards. These multi-region cards are primed to shake up the established Legends of Runeterra meta.

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Though it is unclear how the multi-region cards will impact existing cards, players are going to find out pretty quick. There are plenty of current cards that could be transitioned into multi-region cards but it is doubtful that it will actually happen.

What Can Players Expect from Multi-Region Cards?
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One of the more interesting things that could come along with Bandle City is the first alternate cards for some champions. Already Legends of Runeterra features a few Bandle City residents in Teemo and Lulu. With Beyond the Bandlewood, players could see new variations of Lulu and Teemo as Bandle City cards. Adding new versions of previously introduced champions would be a big step into the design space for Legends of Runeterra. A quick screenshot of Teemo may already suggest these two cards will receive a multi-region adjustment in this next set.

Multi-region cards can be incredibly interesting to see as they should have synergies with both regions. Players will get the chance to see how multiple regions interact with one another in a way that the game has never seen. New synergies lead to more unique decks, and more unique decks create and even more interesting meta.

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