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League of Legends

Zeri League of Legends Trailer Dropped

Zeri League of Legends

Zeri, the newest League of Legends champion was revealed a bit earlier than Riot may have intended. According to some leaks, her initial trailer was revealed by the Russian League of Legends page on accident. Then Riot Games and League of Legends decided to have the Zeri League of Legends trailer come out likely ahead of schedule. Here is a look at the new Zeri League of Legends Trailer.


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Here is the trailer from the League of Legends YouTube channel.

Zeri the Spark of Zaun is clearly a vigilante character, akin to Ekko. In her trailer they show her fighting off some Chem-Baron thugs who are beating on a defenseless individual. She jumps in and seemingly has a small problem getting her electric-magic to work. Luckily it gets started and then it jumps into her using her abilites.

As was already known, Zeri will be a bot lane champion of the ad carry classification. One can see that she has a small dash that seems to be a similar distance to Vayne’s role. She is also able to shoot through champions in a way that is similar to Xayah. Then she is able to jump over walls like Talon which should surely set the community forums in a frenzy. Lastly, it looks like her ultimate is an EMP of at least an electrical charge of some type.

While her abilities have not officially been revealed yet, there is a lot to pick up on from this trailer. Her release date has not been confirmed yet but with everything dropping now, it would not be a surprise to see Zeri hit the rift in the next two patches at the least.

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