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Your Shop Coming Back for the Holidays

It has been about two months since the League of Legends ten-year anniversary and with that the “Your Shop” where players could get discounted skins. Well just in time for the holidays, it is coming back with patch 9.24 on Wednesday the 11th. On the PBE the shop popped up and once again players will be able to spend that sweet RP.

The shop will run through January 13th, 2020. Whether this one will have legendary skins and vaulted skins is currently unknown. This was something that the ten-year anniversary had done. Also, this shop comes a bit later as most years it comes in the first week of December. Fans had been worried but, this is likely due to the fact that the next patch was not until this week.

With 13 different skins coming out this week it is no surprise that the shop will be coming with it. Between the first Zilean skin in years and the prestige Lee Sin skin on their way many people will be getting those Riot Points and have some left over. Make sure to be on the lookout for “Your Shop” and also be ready for the release of the newest ADC Aphelios.

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