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Worlds Knockout LPL Week 1 Recap

The LPL teams alongside FNC faced off this week. SN versus JDG turned out to be an unexpected victory for SN, during which Huan-Feng “huanfeng” Tang stomped on JDG.

During FNC versus TES, FNC fought valiantly, starting initially 2-0. But just as surprising as their strong start was, TES won three straight in a row, coming back strong.


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Each game of SN versus JDG was intense. JDG took the first victory after a forty-minute power struggle. Though, Game 1 was the peak of JDG’s performance in this matchup.

During Game 2, huanfeng went legendary. Playing Jhin, he finished the game 9-0, dominating JDG. Casters and audiences worldwide finally noticed huanfeng.

23 minutes into Game 2, JDG is pushed back towards their second-tier bot tower. Hugging it for security, they believe they can hold their ground against the ensuing SN.

But to everyone’s surprise, hungfeng uses curtain’s call from inside JDG’s base. The rest of SN sees the play, and seem rather surprised themselves. Nonetheless, they immediately follow up, flanking the turret, and decimating JDG.

For the rest of the game, SN frantically engage on hungfeng, but it is too late. He knocks them down, one by one, and SN finish off Game 2 with a victory.

Game 3, Quang Duy “SofM” Le, playing Kindred, shows a massive jungle diff, destroying the top and mid side of JDG. With the advantage secured, SN scales, taking Elder Dragon and Baron, and finish game 3 with another victory.

In Game 4, huanfeng once again destroys JDG. One would think, after two losses against huanfeng’s Jhin, that the pick would be banned, but that ended up not being the case. huanfeng on Jhin finishes 7-1 against JDG, taking over the game and giving SN the win they need to move onto semifinals.


Courtesy of Leagepedia

FNC start Game 1 off by picking apart TES’s bot lane. TES’s bot lane typically plays very safe, and scales into the teamfights. But FNC said no to this tactic, and tore Wen-Bo “Jackeylove” apart.

FNCs success for their two wins focused on continuously targeting TES’s bot lane, a strategy that worked when TES was caught off guard.

They attempted this strategy until Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, playing Senna, grew big enough to take over the game.

Jia-Yuan “Yuyuanjia” Liang, TES’ support, was the unfortunate target during the second game.

What seemed like an event of chain feeding, Yuyuanjia went 0-5 during the initial landing phase. Afterward, the plays Yuyuanji forced did not pan out well because of how far behind he had fallen.

FNC take Game 2 and attempt the same strategy for Game 3.

TES comes prepared this time. Yuyuanjia plays Karma support, a safer disengaging pick. Rekkles unable to carry this time around, Hao-Hsuan “Karsa” Hung, on Lee Sin, gives Jia-Hao “369” Bai, on Soon, enough momentum to become an unstoppable tank.

The topside of the map spirals out of FNC’s control, and 369 takes over the game.

Without the successful camp from  Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, Jackeylove scales wonderfully well into the mid to late games, and Game 3falls into TES’ hands.

Game 4 initiates, beginning with bot lane fiestas. FNC try the same tactic yet again, putting their resources into snowballing the bot lane. Unfortunately for FNC, Karsa on Nidalee comes ready. Counter ganking on multiple occasions, Nidalee’s sustain alongside Jackeylove’s healing on Senna prevent the snowball that FNC were looking for during the early game.

Instead, the game evens out, with jungles carrying their respective teams. During the decisive 5v5 team fight, TES stand victorious, proving why they are one of the favorites to win worlds. Click here to view the 5v5. TES get Baron and push to win the game thereafter.

Game 5 plays very differently from the others. Karsa, on his signature Lee Sin, camps Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek, on Twisted Fate, giving Ding “Knight” Zhuo, on Sylas, a massive lead.

Nemesis is rendered essentially useless by the ruthless ganks.

Selfmade decides to camp 369, giving Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau a lead. The bot lane this time around is left nearly untouched.

Jackeylove scales and Knight overwhelms the mid lane. Bwipo gets shut down, and FNC’s win conditions are gradually diminished.

Before long, the decisive team fight at Dragon occurs. Click here to view the decisive 5v5 teamfight.

A classic 5v5, TES shows their dominance. FNC cannot match TES’ coordination in team fights, and TES once again win the fight, take Baron and take the game.


In conclusion

With FNC eliminated from worlds, only LPL teams remain for the top half of the Worlds 2020 bracket. This season has been marked with struggles for each region, but the LPL teams have bolstered their international standing.

The semifinals will be TES versus SN. Gen.G and G2 face off later today, so stay tuned to see who will be facing Damwon!


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