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Worlds 2020 Play-Ins Group A Preview

With the Worlds 2020 Play-Ins groups set it is time to look at the teams who are in Group A. This will preview each of the teams including which region they are from, a quick dive into their full season and a look at their players. To take a look at Group B and their teams, click here.

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Team Liquid- LCS 3 Seed

Team Liquid are back at Worlds yet again but this time they come in as the lowest seed possible for the LCS. They also had arguably their worst overall year since before their Worlds runs began. Spring Split saw them finishing ninth but then in the Summer they had their best Split ever going 15-3. They were subsequently knocked down to the losers bracket by FlyQuest and then knocked out by TSM. They have shown that they still have plenty of talent and they can put it all together but they will have to do more than that to make a deep run at Worlds.

TOP- Impact
JNG- Broxah
MID- Jensen
BOT- Tactical

MAD Lions- LEC 4 SeedMAD Lionslogo square.png

Possibly one of the most fun and interesting teams at Worlds, MAD Lions come in ready to prove that they are better than what they showed during the LEC playoffs. This team surprised everyone during the Spring Split and knocked G2 down to the lower bracket in the first round. Then they continued their success by finishing 12-6 during the Summer Split and unfortunately lost to Rogue in the lower bracket. What MAD Lions have shown is that they are afraid of no one and that they are willing to try anything that fancies them in terms of the draft. Giving this team time to test things out in Play-Ins could make them dangerous later at Worlds.

TOP- Orome
JNG- Shad0w
MID- Humanoid
BOT- Carzzy
SUP- Kaiser

Legacy Esports- OCE 1 SeedLegacy Esportslogo square.png

There is little doubt that 2020 has been the year for Legacy Esports. They have dominated up and down the league with a combined record of 35-7 and have shown that they absolutely deserve to be here. This team brought back Tally, their longest-tenured player after two years on a separate team. Only Babip has Worlds experience and considering he is in an important position for the team, they will lean on him. In a region that has produced solid talent that the LCS and LEC have taken, this is a chance for these players to strut their stuff and try to get picked up by one of the major regions.

TOP- Topoon
JNG- Babip
MID- Tally
BOT- Raes
SUP- Isles

Papara SuperMassive- TR 1 SeedSuperMassivelogosquare.png

An organization that has plenty of international experience, SuperMassive bring with them a lot of momentum after winning in Turkey yet again. Their season didn’t start off great as they struggled in Spring but once the Summer playoffs began, SuperMassive found their form. This will be their second appearance at Worlds and only Bolulu will be making his first. Supermassive have come together with talent from all over and this team may be the one to push Team Liquid and MAD Lions.

TOP- Armut
MID- Bolulu
BOT- Zeitnot
SUP- SnowFlower

INTZ- BR 1 SeedINTZlogo square.png

One of the most well known Brazilian esports orgs makes their way back to Worlds for the first time since 2016. This team is full of extremely experienced players. All of them have international experience either at MSI or Worlds. INTZ were able to come back after almost getting relegated during their first Split. This seemed to be all they needed as they only went on to finish second during the regular season and then equally impressed in some hard-fought matches to take first place overall.

TOP- Tay
JNG- Shini
MID- Envy
BOT- micaO
SUP- RedBert

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