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Worlds 2019 Knockout Stage Power Rankings

Phoenix Worlds 2019

Group D has finished up and now the top eight teams left at Worlds 2019 will play best-of-fives until one team is holding the Summoners Cup. With that in mind, who has looked the best chance going into this final eight? These power rankings will help to answer that.

As a note, these rankings will not consider the knockout matchups for the teams. It will only look at their performances thus far.

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1. SK Telecom T1

Is this really a surprise? Yes, they lost to Fnatic, but eight out of ten games SKT will take them down. So far Faker has reminded everyone just how strong and mechanically gifted he is. Faker is truly one of those players that brings a certain amount of fear into a matchup and that alone can give him an advantage.

So far at Worlds, every player on this team has had a star moment. They seem to be a well-oiled machine that can punish mistakes and move around the map with such confidence. Combine that with the amount of experience they have in big moments and it should come as no surprise to see them topping these rankings.

2. Griffin

After the first week of groups, one may have had quite the argument that Griffin should be much lower. Well, now anyone questioning that should instead be asking the question of, are they the favorites? Fans seem to forget that this team finished the regular season in first for both Splits in 2019. Their issues were on the big stage where they lost both Finals to SKT.

Now it seems as though they may have conquered most of their demons by rolling through their group, including G2 twice, in convincing fashion. That means that they still have one more demon to conquer and that is SKT. Most fans will be hoping that the 2019 Finals are between these two top teams.

Courtesy of G2

3. G2 Esports

Where to start with this team? They are extremely good. But, they got absolutely handled by Griffin, twice in a row. Until this, G2 had looked like a Worlds favorite. While they are still a top-three team, the concerns are there and G2 will have to alleviate them in order to inspire confidence again.

This team has to stop playing like they can make mistakes and are good enough to easily just play around them. They are not playing in the LEC right, although all three LEC teams made it through. The LCK and LPL teams will make G2 pay for their overconfidence. They have to shore-up the small mistakes or one of them will cost them everything. Luckily, G2 are extremely good, as was stated above. They should be able to clean up their play challenge anyone.

4. DAMWON Gaming

After punching their ticket to the knockout stage with an outstanding performance against Invictus, it is clear that DAMWON should be feared. This team has young players who are not only making a name for themselves but setting themselves up for possibly one of the greatest Worlds stories of all time. This team truly has the potential to stand against anyone.

Going into the next round will be interesting for DAMWON as they will face some stiff competition and have to win in a best-of-five. While they already played in one, this will be much different as the caliber of teams and coaches will be much higher. For them to continue they will have to be able to adapt and even probably win a game that they shouldn’t to move on. If Nuguri and Showmaker can win their lanes and play around objectives then look for DAMWON to make a significant run.

Courtesy of liquidpedia.

5. Fnatic

It was good to finally see peak performance from this team. Well, outside of their weird game against Clutch Gaming. Forgetting that, Fnatic felt much more composed and as seems to be a key for all of groups, confident. They stopped making the mistakes around the map and figured out their draft. If Rekkles is not on a true ADC for at least four of the potentially five games that Fantic play next then Fnatic could quickly find their way out of Worlds in the first round.

This team has the potential to take it all the way when they are playing at their best. This was seen when they surprised the world and especially SKT by taking them down rather handily. Anything less than peak Fnatic will result in them exiting earlier than many LEC fans hoped.

6. Invictus Gaming

The reigning World Champions fought their way through a tough group to make it back to quarterfinals. As the third seed after a rough summer this team has come alive. All of the names fans remember are back and playing extremely well. That said they have shown some cracks and are clearly not the team they were last year.

For Invictus Gaming to make a deep run they will need to continue to play around their carries in TheShy, Rookie and JackeyLove. Also if they decide to stay with Ning he will have to be much more consistent. As has been seen throughout Worlds so far, one missed smite has been a death sentence for more than a few teams. This team can win it all and doing so would establish a true dynasty.

7. FunPlus Phoenix

The positioning for this team feels wrong but, what they showed during group stages is that they are definitely beatable. While they are the first-seed from the LPL, they also have a lot of young players who like Griffin are experiencing their first Worlds. It was clear that nerves have been getting the best of this team so far. That said they have yet to show their best and still went 4-2.

So far, FPP have not been getting the individual performances that many people expected out of them. Doinb was praised as one of the best players in League of Legends coming into the tournament and while he has not looked bad, he has not stood out either. He will need to step up in order for FunPlus Phoenix to make any noise in knockouts. Otherwise, the LPL will be hoping their third seed can do it again.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

8. Splyce

Splyce are not a bad team, but someone has to be the eighth-best of eight. While they made a tear through the rest of their group, being from Group B has to count against them. It was undoubtedly the weakest group at Worlds this year. That said going 4-2 is not a fluke and underestimating this team would be a big mistake.

It will be up to Humanoid and Kobbe to play well along with Norskeren not continuously getting caught out for Splyce to have a chance. They will want to play the style that LEC fans know and love. If teams allow them to play the Splyce way then they could surprise people.


Where would you rank these teams? Who do you have making it all the way? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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