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When will Zeri be on the PBE for League of Legends?

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At the end of 2021, League of Legends and Riot Games announced that the last two champions that were supposed to come out would be delayed to 2022. With his announcement, they also revealed the next champion would be coming out early in the year and they would be a Zaun ADC. Although this champion was likely supposed to release with Arcane, they moved them back. Now with Zeri being revealed, many fans may be wonder, what is the Zeri PBE Release Date for League of Legends?


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Zeri was initially revealed in a leaked Tweet but then Riot Games decided to release her Biography. When reading the Zeri Biography, it is clear that electricity and speed will be her thing. They also mention charging which may be a new mechanic coming to the game for her similar to how Yasuo’s passive works. This is all speculation at this point. The only thing that is confirmed is that she is from Zaun and that Zeri will be the next bot lane/ad carry champion coming to League of Legends to start off Season 12 and 2022.

Zeri’s release date will likely be revealed during the League of Legends Livestream on Friday, January 7, at 10 am EST/7 AM PST. That being said, she is likely to come out with Patch 12.2 as the details of League of Legends Patch 12.1 have been revealed and she is not among them.

When considering that along with the Patches that are upcoming, players should start looking for Zeri to come out on the PBE relatively soon. This could mean Patch 12.1 or Patch 12.2 could be a PBE release date for Zeri. These are January 5 and January 19 respectively.

As for the Zeri Release Date, Patch 12.2, on January 19, or at the absolute latest Patch 12.3, on February 2, make the most sense.

It has been confirmed that Zeri will release on January 20 with Patch 12.2.

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