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When will Rework Dr Mundo be on the PBE?

Rework Mundo PBE

The mad doctor of Zaun has finally received his League of Legends rework and there is no doubt, Dr Mundo is looking pretty good. The Dr Mundo rework has been revealed and it looks like there will be some people “going where they pleases”. While not changing everything about him, his new look is definitely a more modern one. Now with his reveal, people may be wondering, when will Rework Dr Mundo be on the PBE?

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The last champion to come out was Gwen and she came out in late March. When looking at the recent champion releases, the League of Legends team had been going at a pace of about one every other month. This was to make sure that they could fit the six new champions per year quota they put on themselves. Dr Mundo on the other hand

It seems as though League fans will be getting a new champion more like every two months. This is due to the knowledge that they plan on releasing one new champion (this does not include reworks) for every role and two for the mid lane. That means six new champions and spread out that is one every two months. Since Gwen was in March, it feels as though rework Dr Mundo should have his release date sometime in May.

Luckily for those looking for Rework Dr Mundo on the PBE they wont have to wait. Rework Mundo is on the PBE with this next patch, Patch 11.11.

This was a huge surprise as normally something gets leaked or comes out before a champion hits the PBE. The same cannot be said for the mad doctor of Zaun.

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