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When will Akshan be on the PBE?

Akshan PBE

The Lost Sentinel, Akshan has finally been revealed for League of Legends and there is no doubt, Akshan will be an interesting champion. He will be a major part of the Viego Ruination storyline and what exactly he will do has yet to be announced. That said with his reveal, people may be wondering, when will Akshan be on the PBE?

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The last champion to come out was Dr. Mundo and he came out in late May/early June. When looking at the recent champion releases, the League of Legends team had been going at a pace of about one every other month. This was to make sure that they could fit the six new champions per year quota they put on themselves. Dr Mundo on the other hand was a rework so he didn’t count towards that.

It seems as though League fans will be getting a new champion more like every two months. This is due to the knowledge that they plan on releasing one new champion (this does not include reworks) for every role and two for the mid lane. That means six new champions and spread out that is one every two months. Gwen was in March and Dr. Mundo just a couple of weeks ago so Akshan as a new champion should be soon.

Luckily for those looking for Akshan on the PBE they wont have to wait. Akshan should be on the PBE with this next patch or the next patch. These are Patch 11.13 or Patch 11.14 which come out either June 23 or July 7 respectively.

It is official, Akshan will be coming out on the PBE with Patch 11.14 on July 7.

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Akshan Revealed as League of Legends Latest Champion July 7, 2021 at 11:02 am

[…] [Related: When will Akshan be on the PBE?] […]


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