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When is the Volibear Rework Release Date?

[Volibear Rework to Be Revealed During a Livestream Event on May 8]

[Checkout Volibear’s Reworked Skins Including a Brand New One Here]

As many know, Volibear will be the next reworked champion after the fans voted for both him and Fiddlesticks. With Fiddlesticks being out for a bit, it seems like the time for Volibear to make his entrance is coming. The question is, when will that be? Well in the latest developer update, Safelocked let fans know that he was coming sometime in May. Then Riot Games had a big livestream reveal of Volibear, his abilities and all of his skins. Normally a champion starts with being on the PBE for a patch and then getting released on the next one. By looking at the current patch release schedule one can determine what day Volibear is most likely to come out.

With only two planned patches in May it looks like he will be on the PBE May 13 with May 28 being his release date. These are Patches 10.10 and 10.11. What is worth noting is that May 28 is one of only four patch release dates this year that is not scheduled for release on a Wednesday. This is likely because of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

Unless something unforeseen happens that means that the earliest fans should be seeing Volibear is May 13 on the PBE. Then after that, Riot are officially putting their focus back on new champions, some of which they have already teased. For more on Volibear’s rework, keep it here at The Game Haus.

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