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When is Project A Coming Out?

project a release date

Project A is the codename for a new first-person shooter being produced by Riot Games. Despite being in its early stages of development, this game has already been highly touted by many as the next big thing in esports and gaming, potentially blending the best of both CS:GO and Overwatch. But, there is still so little known about the game thus far.

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Project A Release Timeline

One of the biggest questions looming over the game is its release date. This, for the time being, is something that has not been confirmed in any concrete way by Riot. However, there is one key clue to the game’s release on its official website. It claims that there will be “more information in 2020” on the game.

project a

The site is otherwise nearly barren, featuring only the release video and some other generic images. Despite that, this indicates that more information is coming this year likely puts the game in a position where there will at least be some sort of beta release before 2020 is over. With Overwatch 2 potentially making its debut in the Fall of 2020, this could be a good time for Riot to build some competing hype.

There’s always a chance this gets pushed back into 2021 to help continue the momentum for Legends of Runeterra and TFT, but all of this is purely speculation. To stay up-to-date with more concrete news about the future of Project A, make sure to check back to The Game Haus frequently. With all of the recent hype, more official news could be coming soon.


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