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When does the New League of Legends Tank Support Come Out?

According to the champion roadmap from September, the League of Legends team intends to release one more champion before 2020 ends. Unlike the previous three or four champions, the leaks for this one have been held to a surprising minimum. It seems as though the only thing that is currently known about this new champion is that it is a tanky support. Another thing that can be inferred is when this new champion might come out.

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The last champion to come out was Seraphine and she came out right around the end of October. When looking at the recent champion releases, the Riot teams have been going at a pace of about one per month. This was to make sure that they could fit the six new champions per year quota they put on themselves.

To fit this quota this champion will need to release by the end of the year. The Patch Schedule shows two more patches before the year and season 10 is over. They are out on November 24 and December 9.

With this is mind it is possible that the champion hits the PBE on the November 24 patch. That would allow the release date to be December 9. 

There is the possibility that they are added on December 9 to the PBE and then they come out with the first patch of the new season. That feels a bit unlikely considering their desire to add a new champion to each role every year.

Either way, this new champion is up next and it feels like the details are being held close to the vest. It will be interesting to see what they do and when Riot believes it is time for them to be revealed.

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