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When does Season 11 of League of Legends Begin?

With Season 10 of League of Legends ending November 9, people are already going to starting wondering, when does Season 11 of League of Legends begin? After all they have completely remade the item shop, the items themselves and the build for nearly every single champion in the game. This upcoming season will end up being one of the most changed ones since the beginning of League of Legends.

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When looking at the past three seasons, one can see a common theme. The newest season normally starts in January or more specifically about two months after the previous season ended. This allows for the Riot development team to have time to make sure that all of the changes coming to the game are getting the green light. With this year’s new items, they will especially be working hard to make sure this happens.

Season 11 Start Date

As one can see with the image above, Season 11 of League of Legends will be starting sooner than people think. The start date will officially be January 8, 2021. This is one of if not the earliest start date for League of Legends in quite some time.

Normally the season starts right around the late second or third week of January. This time it won’t even make it into the double-digit days. It will be interesting to see why they decided to move it up.

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