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What Kind of Team is Rogue?

Playoffs, World's, A Rogue Perspective

What kind of team is Rogue? The team struggled against teams above them in the standings, while handling business with the teams beneath them. With games against Origen and Excel, two teams with playoff aspirations, Rogue’s positioning as either a contender, or merely a playoff qualifier will be decided. Taking a closer look at these matchups, the proverbial tea leaves will reveal Rogue’s fate.

Courtesy of Origen

Origen in a nutshell

Origen currently, by many pundits, stands at the top of the peak for LEC, with G2 struggling and FNATIC being right behind them. This team primarily functions under the tried and true system of, pick scaling, and win team fights around objectives in the mid to late game. Rarely deviating from this, Origen time and time again proves that hurry up and wait works beautifully with the right pieces – not to say that this team hasn’t played to the early game. There are examples of this versus Vitality and MAD Lions. But, in pressure situations, Origen will not deviate from the expected path as it has not lead the team wrong to this point.

The Matchup

Rogue possesses some of the best early game stats within the LEC. As a team, Rogue secures first tower 90% of the time, and First Blood 60% of the time. In terms of gold at 15 minutes, the team averages just under a thousand gold advantage. However, this can be attributed to the individual abilities of the Rogue roster, rather than true prowess. As displayed in the match versus FNATIC, Rogue continually were out skirmished by FNATIC. Against Origen, Rogue needs Inspired to play inspired and control the early game. By doing so, the team potentially wins this all important game. Origen, who defeated Rogue in their previous matchup, holds the cards in this one.

The Verdict

Considering the factors brought into play by both Origen and Rogue, the advantage lies with the Spanish organization. More improvement is necessary from Rogue before the team can be considered a true contender.

Excel Excel?

What kind of team is Rogue? The matchup versus Origen is the key factor in the results this week. However, a strong performance against a fellow playoff contender furthers the goals. Those goals being qualifying for playoffs.  Excel as a team, relies on odd ball picks mid lane from Mickey and the consistent play of Patrik to carry the day. Considering Rogue currently holds the advantage over Excel 1-0, the odds in theory, are in Rogue’s favor.

The Matchup

Looking at these two teams, its difficult to pick out a true advantage for Excel on paper. Rogue possesses stronger laners and a superior jungler. The x factor lies in the mid laner for Excel, the Korean import, Mickey. This man can pull out any champion at any time and most would not be surprised. This unpredictability is where Excel’s greatest strength lies. Rogue does also have the persistent issue of closing out games, not to mention winning matchups on paper in every lane.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, the burden of execution lies with Excel. Rogue chooses to just play to scale, little can be done by Excel to stop it. Conversely, Rogue should they chose to play early game, they can be punished with aggressive skirmishing. That is where FNATIC found success last week, Excel could attempt to do the same. However, expectations are that Rogue takes this victory.


What kind of team is Rogue? This pertinent question hovers over Rogue. After this week ends, everyone knows what kind of team they are. Whether that is a contender for the crown, or merely a playoff contender. Going by expectations, another 1-1 week for Rogue lies on the table. However, should a few things bounce Rogue’s way, two wins can occur. The same can be said with two losses. The world will be watching to see who this team is and who they can become.


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