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League of Legends

What Items are being Removed from League of Legends?

New League of Legends Items

Every year League of Legends makes big changes to their game to keep things fresh. This year they focused on the items, some of which needed some big changes. Because of this, there were items that were either removed or repurposed. For many fans this will be sad as there are items that have been around for a long time that are getting the ax. With that, here is a look at all the items that will no longer be in the game or those that have been changed with Patch 10.23.

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Repurposed Items
  • Hextech GLP-800 (Now Everfrost)
  • Luden’s Echo (Now Luden’s Tempest)
  • Liandry’s Torment (Now Liandry’s Anguish)
  • Hextech Protobelt-01 (Now (Hextech Rocketbelt)
  • Sunfire Cape (Now Sunfire Aegis)
  • Righteous Glory (Now Turbo Chemtank)
  • Iceborn Gauntlet (Frostfire Gauntlet)
  • Duskblade of Draktharr (Same name but Mythic now)
  • Trinity Force (Same name but Mythic now)
  • Shurelya’s Reverie (Now Shurelya’s Battlesong)
  • Locket of the Iron Solari (Same name but Mythic now)
Removed Items
  • Adaptive Helm
  • Athene’s Unholy Grail
  • Frozen Mallet
  • Hextech Gunblade
  • Spellbinder
  • Rod of Ages
  • Statikk Shiv
  • Twin Shadows
  • Jaurim’s Fist
  • Chalice of Harmony
  • Bilgewater Cutlass
  • Catalyst of Aeons

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