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What is the Vex Release Date for League of Legends?


At the beginning of the year, League of Legends and Riot Games announced The Ruined King Viego was coming to the game. With his announcement, they also revealed that the next three champions to come in 2021 would all revolved around him. The first one was Gwen, The Hallow Seemstress with Akshan coming next. Although Vex was supposed to come first, they moved her back. Now the question becomes, what is the Vex release date?

Vex Potentially Leaked

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Akshan was just released recently and although the plan was Vex, “The Gloomy Yordle” to come out before him, those plans were changed along with her kit. She was also originally supposed to be an artillery mage but apparently, they reconsidered that as well. This was the reason why she was likely pushed back. When it comes to her release, taking these changes into consideration are important. The reason being that she was a mostly complete champion and supposed to be coming out when Akshan came out.

Also if they follow up on what they did with the Lillia and Yone release dates being within about a patch of each other, it would seem as though Vex should be coming soon.

When considering that along with the Patches that are upcoming, players should start looking for Vex to come out on the PBE relatively soon. This could mean Patch 11.17 or Patch 11.18 could be a PBE release date for Vex. These are August 25 and September 9 respectively.

It is official, Vex will be coming to League of Legends with Patch 11.19 on September 23, 2021.

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