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What is the Release Date for Viego the Ruined King?

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The Ruined King, now known as Viego, a character that many League of Legends fans have been wondering about for a long time is finally getting some screen time. Not only is he going to likely be the main villain in the RPG but he has officially been announced as the next League of Legends champion. It seems to be that the Shadow Isles and specifically the Ruined King are going to be big in 2021 for all of the League of Legends associated games. Here is a look at when fans can expect him to be released.

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The last champion to come out was Rell and she came out right around the middle of December. When looking at the recent champion releases, the League of Legends team has been going at a pace of about one per month. This was to make sure that they could fit the six new champions per year quota they put on themselves.

Now it seems as though League fans will be getting a new champion more like every two months. This is due to the knowledge that they plan on releasing one new champion (this does not include reworks) for every role and two for the mid lane. That means six new champions and spread out that is one every two months. Since Rell was in December and the new RPG game is set to release soon it feels like Viego should be coming in February.

When looking at the 2021 League of Legends Patch Schedule, there are two possible dates for Viego to come out. Either with Patch 11.3 on February 3 or Patch 11.4 on February 18. Both of these dates would make sense. There is also a small chance Viego could hit servers with Patch 11.2 on January 21 but that would be quite the turnaround considering he is not on even on the PBE yet.

The small chance seems to be the likely one as, during the League of Legends Livestream, it was announced that he would be coming out later in January. The only patch for that is 11.2 or January 21 which will be his release date.

Either way he looks to be a big part of 2021 for League of Legends and Riot Games. He is a character that many have been wanting to know the story of and it seems like fans are finally getting their wish.

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