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What is the Most Popular Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Song?

Fans of metal and League of Legends were treated to a brand new Pentakill album last Tuesday, 9/7/2021. Riot Games went all out with new skins, a live interactive concert and 11 songs. But of the new bangers, which one is the most popular?

Well, to start off it’s only fair to acknowledge that the first song of an album is going to almost always have the most plays. As a result, Lost Chapter is the most popular song in Lost Chapter. Even the songs after Lost Chapter have a substantially higher amount of listens than the ending songs. This might even out over time, but no one knows for sure. As of now, here is how the rankings go on both Spotify and YouTube:

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Album Art Courtesy of Riot Games


  1. Lost Chapter
  2. Edge of Night
  3. Predator
  4. Conqueror
  5. Gathering Storm
  6. Lightbringer – Acoustic
  7. Executioner’s Calling
  8. Redemption
  9. Aftershock
  10. Stormrazor
  11. Last Stand


  1. Lost Chapter
  2. Edge of Night
  3. Conqueror
  4. Lightbringer – Acoustic
  5. Predator
  6. Redemption
  7. Gathering Storm
  8. Aftershock
  9. Last Stand
  10. Executioner’s Calling
  11. Stormrazor

Of course, these are still the early days for the album and this isn’t every streaming service, but it does paint a solid picture of the booms and busts of the album. It’s going to be interesting to see how Pentakill III: Lost Chapter does over time. Pentakill has nearly 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify while K/DA has 2.7 Million. The most popular Pentakill song though, Lightbringer from the first album, has nearly 27 Million plays on Spotify. Clearly, it isn’t as popular as K/DA, but Pentakill was the first Riot Games band and it’s great to see that they are still putting out headbangers to this day.

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