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What is the Clash Schedule for League of Legends?

Clash LoL

After waiting for literal years, Clash weekends have become a regular part of League of Legends for many players. These Clash LoL weekends continue to bring people together in attempts to show off their skills against teams of other friends getting together. At a minimum, they are able to earn prizes and play with their friends in hopes that they can be the best in their bracket. Even if players lose right away they earn rewards and can still enter back in, time-permitting.

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With Clash being a consistent part of the League experience for everyone, players are always wondering, when is the next Clash LoL weekend? Luckily Riot has revealed the next two weekends and the two days for each of the next Clash weekends. The next Clash weekends will be May 8 & 9 and May 29 & 30 respectively. The exact times to lock in for each tier will be added below.

Clash MSI Cup Times
Clash MSI Cup Times

Clash MSI Cup Times
Clash MSI Cup Times

Tier System

The tier system is important for players to remember. Their tier is based on their ranks and depending on where they are placed, it will determine their start time. The upper brackets are normally only there for the best players. Essentially Grand Master and above play there. Tier two is for Platinum and Diamond players while tier three is generally for Gold and some Platinum. Then lastly tier four is for Silver and below.

As a reminder, these tiers are for the team as a whole but generally, teams are placed where the majority of their players are ranked. For example, if four Bronze level players play with a Diamond, they will likely play in tier three even though four of the players are in tier four. This is to balance out having a player who is likely in tier two or one.

Most players play in tiers three and four which is why they have long times for people to play and sign up. The goal is to allow for people to play at optimal times when the most players of their similar skill rating are on. This is important for Clash as it pits players against players of generally the same skill.


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