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What is the 2022 LEC Spring Split Start Date?

LEC 2022 Start Date

For many in the LEC community 2022 brings with it more than a new season, it brings about a fresh start for their teams as they attempt to perform internationally. Most of the teams completely rehauled their teams from their 2021 rosters and are either looking to start anew or built their roster to compete for an LCS title and Worlds contention. That said, fans are likely wondering, what is the LEC 2022 Start Date?

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This year the LEC has decided to keep its format from last year. It is not surprising to see that this was the decision that they came to as it seems like their format worked well for most fans. What is interesting is what the LCS is doing with a beginning-of-the-year tournament and the fact that they are going back to two games a week.

While many thought the LCS would lead the way toward something new, it was the LEC format that the LCS decided to go to. The LEC will be having Super Weeks again but no early-season tournament like the Lock In for the LCS. This means that the games will count again for Worlds 2022 for the European league. It will be featuring a lot of new faces as well with many teams turning over their rosters and players like Rekkles joining the LFL.

The 2022 LEC Spring Split start date is going to be January 14. This will come at the same time as the LCS’ Lock In tournament. Normally the LEC will start about a week after the LCS but this year they are lining up the start of both but the LCS Lock In tournament is more of a preseason than an actual start.

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