For many in the LCS community 2022 brings with it more than a new season, it brings about a fresh start for their teams as they attempt to perform internationally. Most of the teams completely rehauled their teams from their 2021 rosters and are either looking to start anew or built their roster to compete for an LCS title and Worlds contention. That said, fans are likely wondering, what is the 2022 LCS Summer Split Start Date?

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The LCS changed its format again in 2022. This year’s games in the Spring did not contribute towards an LCS playoff to decide who wins an LCS Championship. This essentially allowed for teams to use the Spring as almost a testing period for the Summer. With many changes coming in, fans will be wanting to see if their team can push for Worlds.

The Spring Split ended with Evil Geniuses going 6-0 on Finals weekend taking down TL and 100T. This was a major upset but showed off the talent for NA. Young guns Danny and Jojopyun took center stage with Danny specifically showing off. They are the LCS representative and MSI and will get great experience leading into the Summer Split and preparing for a Worlds run.

As with last year, the LCS will have eight of their 10 teams making the playoffs. This is probably why teams are so willing to make changes for veterans. The teams that are on the outside looking in will surely be missing out in a major way. That said the format still favors those who finish near the top. They get a second chance should they get knocked out once. Thus making for a fun spectatcle.

The 2022 LCS Summer Split Start Date will be June 18. This means that EG will not have much of a break after MSI. The rest of the LCS will use this time to revamp their team and rest their mentals as they prepare for Worlds 2022.

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