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What is the 2021 LEC Spring Split Start Date?

Playoffs and World's, A Rogue Perspective

The new year is finally here and while many people are thankful just for the fact that it is not 2021, LEC fans are thankful for a different reason. They are thankful because a new year means a new season of the LEC. Most of the teams completely rehauled their teams from their 2020 rosters and are either looking to start anew or built their roster to compete for an LEC title and Worlds contention. That said, fans are likely wondering, what is the 2021 LEC Spring Split Start Date?

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This year the LEC has decided to keep its format from last year. It is not surprising to see that this was the decision that they came to as it seems like their format worked well for most fans. What is interesting is what the LCS is doing with a beginning of the year tournament and the fact that they are playing three games a week instead of two.

LEC fans may remember the days of best of twos and threes. While this is not exactly the same, the LCS is upping their games by at least 13 this year with the possibility of a lot more. Fans will need to keep an eye out to see if the LCS’ new format does well. If it does and it is clear that people want more games then the LEC would be smart to oblige.

Either way, the 2021 LEC Spring Split start date is going to be January 22. This will come a week after the LCS’ new tournament starts. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for LEC fans as generally, the LEC starts about a week after the LCS.

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