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What is Seraphine’s Release Date?

It is now official that Seraphine is coming to Summoners Rift. She will also be doing a guest appearance on the latest KDA album. This was something that many people thought would happen once the learned of the characters twitter account. During this whole time, many were wondering if she was actually going to be the last League of Legends champion for 2020? Now that Serpahine has been added, when could she be joining Summoners Rift?

Currently, Samira, the next ADC champion, is going to be added to the game. This means that she will be the third champion released in as many months. Lillia came out on 7/22, Yone of 8/6 and now Samira will be out 9/16.

KDA Seraphine
Potentially Leaked Image of Seraphine and KDA

If Seraphine is the last champion for 2020, which seems likely, then it seems as though they might wait a bit to release her. Normally they release at least one new champion in October, November or December. When looking at the Patch Schedule, there are four more during this time period. On 10/28 patch 10.22, 11/11 patch 10.23 comes out, then 10.24 on 11/24 and lastly 10.25 on 12/9.

When looking at all of them, the important part is that Worlds will be over for the competitive season. That means that Seraphine will have already had her chance to be on the KDA EP Album and performed at Worlds.

In the press release for the KDA event, Riot Game revealed that Seraphine would be hitting Summoners Rift on the PBE on Tuesday, October 13. With a new patch coming out on 10/28, it feels like this will be the time when she is officially on the live servers.

Make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus for all things Seraphine as her abilities will become known soon.

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