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What is Riot Doing to Celebrate 10 Years of League?

Riot 10-year kickoff

In short, just about everything.

During the League 10-Year Kickoff event that Riot hosted on 10/15/19, they managed to touch on a huge variety of content. Leading up to the main event, they featured everything from the music and art of the game, to the talented cosplayers that have dedicated years to their craft, to the big changes to the game that have occurred throughout the years. They talked to Rioters, fans, streamers and more throughout the day. And then the announcements started – and didn’t stop.

They introduced the next new champion, Senna, who dedicated League fans have long known as Lucian’s wife, whose soul has been trapped in Thresh’s lantern. They announced that not only will TFT be coming to mobile, but a slightly altered version of League itself will be coming to mobile as well as consoles. A new card game based in Runeterra is on its way, and they hinted that a variety of other game types are in the pipeline including a FPS that fans got to see a glimpse of. A new animated series, big changes to the game and many more things came, one after the other, as fans watched excitedly.

These announcements are monumental for a couple reasons. At a time when rival gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment is going through a rough patch due to recent actions, and both Apex Legends and Fortnite have had big announcements, Riot came in and made sure that everyone knows that regardless of what else is happening on the scene, they’re still the top dog. Exploding into multiple game types and various platforms, Riot aims to dominate everything else as much as it has with the PC MOBA niche. With a giant player base, decade-old company infrastructure and beloved characters and lore already in place, these ventures have a huge leg up already.

Riot 10-year kickoff
Riot’s new card game – Courtesy of Riot Games

The other reason this is big is slightly less tangible. Riot “Games” has become one of the biggest names in gaming and esports, while having in fact only one game for 10 years now. However, this is not all they have done. As the game has grown, Riot’s content has as well. Multiple videos promoting both the game and the esport, comics, art, live events and more – Riot has created an immersive world based on League of Legends and the world that it is based in, and now they are expanding their game catalog to match.

The full effect of this avalanche of announcements remains to be seen, but it is safe to say that with these upcoming plans, Riot will continue to change the gaming world as it has done for the past decade.


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