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What is Rell’s Release Date?

Rell has finally been revealed. Unlike the previous three or four champions, the leaks for this one have been held to a surprising minimum. But now that she has been revealed many people, support mains specifically will be chomping at the bit to get to use her. Here is when her release date for the PBE and the main server should be.

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The last champion to come out was Seraphine and she came out right around the end of October. When looking at the recent champion releases, the Riot teams have been going at a pace of about one per month. This was to make sure that they could fit the six new champions per year quota they put on themselves.

To fit this quota this champion will need to release by the end of the year. The Patch Schedule shows two more patches before the year and season 10 is over. They are out on November 24 and December 9. Luckily the guesswork is gone as Riot has told the public when they should expect Rell.

Expect Rell to hit the PBE on the November 24 patch. That would allow the release date to be December 10 or with Patch 10.25. 

This champion is one that should allow for tank players and supports alike to get excited. She should bring some pretty unique gameplay along with another good option for tank players in the bot lane.

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