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League of Legends: Way Too Early LCS Power Rankings

1. Team Liquid

LCS Spring Finals 2019
Image Courtesy of @TeamLiquidLoL

When a team manages to win the regular season and lift the trophy at the end of the playoffs they deserve the top spot in the rankings. Liquid not only had the MVP of the split, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in, but also had three members on the All Pro Team. They could run into problems internationally, in the finals series they showed their inability to play anything that isn’t scaling with front to back team fighting, but in North America they are safe at the top.

2. TSM

They made it to the finals but lost out in a rough 5 game series that tested the rookies (isn’t BB the only rookie?) in their squad. This team could use some upgrades this off-season, mainly in the jungle, but they finished third in the regular season and show no signs of slowing down going into the summer. With this finals experience in the bag, their rookies look all that more dangerous for summer playoffs.

3. Cloud9

This team could be second on this list, but they met TSM in the playoffs. With arguably the best coach in North America and one of the deeper teams overall, this squad could earn another second-place finish or higher in the summer. They are built for domestic success so don’t expect another poor start like last year.

4. Golden Guardians

With a solid core of domestic talent and the leadership of one of the most veteran players around, Golden Guardians are the gatekeepers for teams looking to get to the top in the LCS come summer split. They may not have the raw talent or flexibility of the teams above them, but they can play the hell out of their style which is more than most other North American teams can say.

5. FlyQuest

A solid team with great communication built off the backs of players who were never considered the first option to carry on their former teams. This team made it to playoffs and had a tear-jerking run, until they met Liquid. If going 9-9 is a good enough record to get into playoffs next split expect to see FlyQuest there again.

6. Optic Gaming

They missed out on the playoffs by one game and had some lineup issues that lead to some communication issues early on in the Spring Split. Now, after having time to figure out their issues and give their star import Lee “Crown” Min-ho some time to acclimate to the LCS and America, this team looks ready to cause some upsets.

7. Echo Fox


A team with an identity crisis, they always seem to be behind the curve in terms of the meta and can’t decide who they should start as their jungler. This team finished the regular season with an under .500 record, a record that might not be good enough to get them into playoffs come spring. With other teams moving up, Echo Fox is the only logical team to move down.

8. Clutch Gaming

With two former SKT players who would’ve predicted such a poor showing from the now 76ers-owned franchise? This team was just bad and showed no signs of improvement during the split. Without a drastic change to personnel or meta don’t expect this team to do any better domestically.

9. Counter Logic Gaming

With questionable drafts and questionable players, this team has been in freefall ever since Tony “Zikz” Gray left. What should fans expect from CLG in the summer split? It’s likely going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

10. 100 Thieves

Image from LoL Esports Flickr

The let down of the split, this team had high hopes of breaking into the top three but fell apart before they could even leave the runway. With four wins to their name this team has nowhere to go but up. With a new midlaner for the summer split confirmed this team has more hope than CLG, but hope doesn’t push the needle in power rankings.


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