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Vulcan Picked Up By Evil Geniuses for 2022 LCS Season

EG Vulcan

Vulcan, who previously was on Cloud9, has been signed by Evil Geniuses for 2022 LCS Season. The contract with EG is most likely through 2023 as C9 sold their contract. The news was announced in the tweet below:

Why Did EG Sign Vulcan?

EG decided to pick up Vulcan for a few reasons. The main one is that he is probably the best non-import support in NA right now. For EG, picking up Vulcan to put with Danny makes sense. Have a young NA ADC with the best NA Support. Unfortunately, this news means that IgNar is off Evil Geniuses. IgNar had a solid 2021 with EG and even beat Vulcan in the majority of stats in the Summer Split. This could also be due to Zven King controversy on Cloud9. The move seems to be specifically to enable Danny to play more aggressive and carry harder.

Vulcan has brought new life into Zven and previously Cody Sun. He had an ability to make ADCs into some of the top contenders in the League. IgNar, to be fair, has done this as well with WildTurtle and Danny. It just seems like EG has more faith in Vulcan being able to continue this streak more than IgNar. IgNar is signed with EG through 2022. This means that EG either has to let him go, or try to sell him to another team. Current rumors are not indicating any specific landing spots, but TSM and Dignitas are the two most likely options.

Time will tell if EG made the right decision singing Vulcan, but it is one the biggest moves of the 2021 LCS offseason thus far.

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