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Volibear Rework to Be Revealed During a Livestream Event on May 8

The League of Legends twitter account just released a mini-reveal video featuring Volibear and announcing that they would reveal him during a livestream event on Friday May 8 at 8pm PST. Many have been wondering when the reworked Volibear would finally be released and they have gotten their answer. It looks like he will likely be at least on the PBE for the next patch which is May 13 in Patch 10.10.

[Checkout Volibear’s Reworked Skins Including a Brand New One Here]

This video has Volibear looking gigantic and combining the snow with his electricity. This is what he is known for, being the electric polar bear leader in Freljord. The interesting thing of note is that this is above the Howling Abyss map. Does this signify that there will be a special event for ARAMs or on the Howling Abyss map? The next League of Legends event should be coming up soon as the last one ended and the tokens much be used by May 12. Stay here at The Game Haus to see what else is in store for this release as it is likely that Riot Games won’t just reveal Volibear’s rework but likely announce something else considering it is a livestream.

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