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Victorious Lucian Revealed

Every year, Riot releases a new victorious skin as a season award. This is normally one of the most played champions in that season. The way to get this skin has never changed but this year they are doing something a little different. That said, the season ten victorious skin will be Victorious Lucian.

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How to get Victorious Lucian

To acquire the skin, summoners must be at least Gold in League of Legends for either Ranked Solo/duo or Ranked Flex. That means that players need to hit at least Gold 4 in the next few weeks in order to qualify to receive this skin. As a reminder, it is completely free.

In addition, Summoners must have an honor level two or above. This means summoners at honor level zero or one will be ineligible for the skin.

For summoners who have not bought Lucian, the champion and skin will automatically be added to their accounts.

Effectively marking the season’s end, the rank at exactly November 10 at 12:01 A.M. PT will determine the eligibility for this year’s Victorious skin and Chromas in North America. After this, the preseason for Season 11 will begin with all of the other new changes.


Front Facing Victorious Lucian, Courtesy of Riot Games
Back Facing Victorious Lucian, Courtesy of Riot games

Each rank after Gold will reward a unique chroma. According to Riot, this newly added feature assures that  “the more you climb, the more rewards you earn!”

This means that Challenger players will have access to all chromas, Diamond players will have access to the platinum and diamond chroma, and so on.

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