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Vex Revealed Officially as the Next League of Legends Champion

Vex League of Legends

After just being leaked, Vex has been confirmed as the next League of Legends champion through a YouTube video released as well as through some other more interesting means. This comes after everyone knew that she was the next champion because of the Sentinels of Light event. Here is a quick look at Vex as the next League of Legends champion.

Many people will be wondering who exactly Vex is and what she does. Here is a look at everything that is currently known about Vex for League of Legends. This includes Vex’s abilities, release date, skins and her lore which is definitely worth giving a quick read.

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Vex Abilities
Vex PBE Release Date
Vex Release Date
Vex Skins
Vex Official Gameplay Trailer

Vex Bio

As of right now, what is known about Vex is that she follows Viego and was a major player in the Sentinels of Light event. She is the main Yordle during the event and clearly has abilities that she gained through joining Viego. What is interesting is that while she was a follower of Viego, she never succumbed to the Ruination. Instead, she remained more or less herself.

She is the Gloomist and clearly is very jaded or apathetic to basically everything. Because of this most of her lines are seemingly about everything being a drag or how much she hates certain things. She even hates Ivern in the trailer, which is not something many people do. Either way Vex is making her way to the Rift here very soon.

*Note: As more is revealed about Vex, this piece will be updated. Make sure to check back with TGH for everything Vex related.

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