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League of Legends

Vex Leaked in Brazilian Champion Spotlight Video

Vex Leaked

After a very long wait, Vex has likely been leaked as the next League of Legends champion. Everyone has known that Vex would be the next champion coming to League of Legends. Riot devs have said that themselves. Vex was originally supposed to be the champion released when Akshan was but she needed a bit more development time. Now it looks like she will be joining soon, here is a look at Vex potentially being leaked in a Brazilian Champion Spotlight.

Vex Officially Revealed

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For starters, the animation of the Shadow is absolutely incredible. It seems to flow very well and clearly has its own personality. As for Vex, her design is basically what everyone already assumed it would be considering she was seen in the Sentinels of Light story.

Now the question becomes what are the Vex Abilities? She was supposed to be an artillery mage but then the devs changed her completely. When looking at her abilities shown in the potentially leaked video, Vex definitely has some range. That said, she is definitely no Xerath.

Vex Ability 1
Vex Ability 1

Instead, it looks like she will be someone who either steals souls or does extra damage to enemies who have her mark. Also, it looks as though her ultimate has something to do with her shadow casting into the enemy and Vex following up for extra damage.

Granted, not much could be gleaned from what was shown as per usual with revealed champion videos. It is clear that she will be a mid lane mage and that she apparently does not like Zoe (no surprise). Other than that, fans will just have to wait until she is officially revealed.

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