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Tyler1 Hits Challenger In All 5 League of Legends Roles


The most alpha streamer on Twitch, Tyler1, has finally hit Challenger in every role in League of Legends. Tyler1, famously known for his Draven and former toxicity, has hit challenger on ADC many times. Back in 2019 he set off to hit Challenger in Jungle. He was sick of Junglers complaining about everything and wanted to prove how OP Jungle was. After months of struggles and even getting coaching from fellow streamer Tarzan, T1 hit Challenger in nearly 2,000 games.

This saga set a new arc for Tyler1. His goal was to hit Challenger in every role to prove how boosted every player in League of Legends is and how he is better.

The next stop on his journey was Top Lane. Tyler1 spent 9 months and 1,741 games to hit Challenger. Then it was Mid Lane. He hit Challenger in just a mere 660 games. Tyler1 was getting better at different roles and was just one stop away from completing Exodia.

Today, Tyler1 completed his journey. In the Support role challenge which he started just a month ago, he hit Challenger in 446 games on COOKIEMONSTER123. Big T is really build different. Here is a link to the clip where Tyler1 hits it. 

Tyler1’s Support Account in the Top 300

There are other players who have done this. Famously, Magifelix got Challenger in all 5 roles as well as having numerous accounts in the Top 10 on EUW. That being said, no one has streamed the entire process while getting berated by KEKW and Copium in chat. Doing a task like this on stream is objectively harder. There were even points in the Jungle challenge when Tyler1 stopped streaming so he could focus more on his gameplay. At the end of the day though, Tyler1 cemented himself as League of Legends legend even more.

What is next for Tyler1?

After hitting Challenger he talked about climbing as high as he can on Support. He said the role was “broken” and “easy”. Big T has never hit rank 1 on NA before. It is something that fans have wanted him to try, but he has never succeeded. The highest T1 has ever been was rank 5. With the advent of Challengers Queue though, the peak of NA has objectively gotten weaker. No pros are playing in Challenger and would much rather grind for LP on Challengers Queue. Furthermore, Tyler1 should get an invite for Challengers Queue due to his elo. So that is possible T1 story arc going forward as well. Unfortunately, due to being in Missouri, his ping is going to be awful for Challengers Queue.

Needless to say, Tyler1 still has a lot to gun for on the NA ladder and is nowhere near done.

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