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TSM 2021 LCS Schedule

The 2021 season will be a new one for the LCS as the format has changed again. This year teams will battle it out in a tournament at the beginning of the year, they will be playing nine more regular-season games and every game counts towards the Summer Playoffs and making it to worlds. Since every game will be so important fans may be wondering, when does their team play and who is their opponent in each week? To help answer that, here is the TSM 2021 LCS Schedule.

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*Note: Exact schedules have not been officially released, only the weeks in which they are played. Once the TSM 2021 LCS Schedule is released, this will be updated.

LCS Spring

LCS Lock-In
Group Stage
Friday, Jan 15
6:00 pm EST/3:00 pm PST
LCS Lock-In
Group Stage
Saturday, Jan 16
5:00 pm EST/2:00 pm PST
LCS Lock-In
Group Stage
Sunday, Jan 17
7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST
LCS Lock-In
Group Stage
Friday, Jan 22
9:00 pm EST/6:00 pm PST
LCS Lock-In
First Round
Friday, Jan 22 / N/AN/A
LCS Lock-In
Second Round & Finals
Friday, Jan 29 / N/AN/A
Week 1Friday, Feb 5 / N/AN/A
Week 1Saturday, Feb 6 / N/AN/A
Week 1Sunday, Feb 7 / N/AN/A
Week 2Friday, Feb 12 / N/AN/A
Week 2Saturday, Feb 13 / N/AN/A
Week 2Sunday, Feb 14 / N/AN/A
Week 3Friday, Feb 19 / N/AN/A
Week 3Saturday, Feb 20 / N/AN/A
Week 3Sunday, Feb 21 / N/AN/A
Week 4Friday, Feb 26 / N/AN/A
Week 4Saturday, Feb 27 / N/AN/A
Week 4Sunday, Feb 28 / N/AN/A
Week 5Friday, Mar 5 / N/AN/A
Week 5Saturday, Mar 6 / N/AN/A
Week 5Sunday, Mar 7 / N/AN/A
Week 6Friday, Mar 12 / N/AN/A
Week 6Saturday, Mar 13 / N/AN/A
Week 6Sunday, Mar 14 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Round 1
Wednesday, Mar 19 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Round 2
Wednesday, Mar 26 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Round 3
Wednesday, Apr 2 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Wednesday, Apr 11 / N/AN/A

LCS Summer

Week 1Friday, Jun 4 / N/AN/A
Week 1Saturday, Jun 5 / N/AN/A
Week 1Sunday, Jun 6 / N/AN/A
Week 2Friday, Jun 11 / N/AN/A
Week 2Saturday, Jun 12 / N/AN/A
Week 2Sunday, Jun 13 / N/AN/A
Week 3Friday, Jun 18 / N/AN/A
Week 3Saturday, Jun 19 / N/AN/A
Week 3Sunday, Jun 20 / N/AN/A
Week 4Friday, Jun 25 / N/AN/A
Week 4Saturday, Jun 26 / N/AN/A
Week 4Sunday, Jun 27 / N/AN/A
Week 5Friday, Jul 2 / N/AN/A
Week 5Saturday, Jul 3 / N/AN/A
Week 5Sunday, Jul 4 / N/AN/A
Week 6Friday, Jul 9 / N/AN/A
Week 6Saturday, Jul 10 / N/AN/A
Week 6Sunday, Jul 11 / N/AN/A
Week 7Friday, Jul 16 / N/AN/A
Week 7Saturday, Jul 17 / N/AN/A
Week 7Sunday, Jul 18 / N/AN/A
Week 8Friday, Jul 23 / N/AN/A
Week 8Saturday, Jul 24 / N/AN/A
Week 8Sunday, Jul 25 / N/AN/A
Week 9Friday, Jul 30 / N/AN/A
Week 9Saturday, Jul 31 / N/AN/A
Week 9Sunday, Aug 1 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Round 1
Saturday, Aug 7 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Round 2
Saturday, Aug 14 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Round 3
Saturday, Aug 21 / N/AN/A
LCS Spring Playoffs
Sunday, Aug 29 / N/AN/A

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