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TSM 2019 Summer Split Preview


Spring Recap

After a heartbreaking reverse sweep at the hands of Team Liquid in the Spring Finals, Team SoloMid are looking to get revenge on the new Kings of North America and stop the super team right in their tracks. Fans are starting to see glimpses of the organization that once was the standout powerhouse of the LCS. TSM had a slow start to the split but ramped up when it mattered most after being forced to complete a reverse sweep of their own after taking down longtime rivals Cloud9.

Returning Players

Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik  | K/D/A Ratio → 3.2 | Kill Participation → 54%

Broken Blade lived up to the incredibly steep hype that was set upon him by the community in the Spring Split. The young star from the TCL struggled initially to form a synergy with fellow Jungler Akaadian,

2019 LCS Spring Finals

TSM Broken Blade keeping it cool during his first ever LCS Spring Finals (Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr)

consistently failing in 2v2 and even at times 2v1 skirmishes. Broken Blade lacked consistency but was able to peak when it mattered most, putting up incredible numbers in TSM’s reverse sweep of Cloud9 and put up an impressive performance against Team Liquid.  Broken Blade was able to secure a place in the “All NA Third

Pro Team”. With another split under his belt, there is no doubt Broken Blade will be challenging for the title of the best Top Laner in North America.


Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham  | K/D/A Ratio → 5.3 | Kill Participation → 63%

Akaadian valiantly filled his role on the starting roster in Spring. As mentioned in the Broken Blade analysis, Akaadian struggled with consistency and lacked synergy with the team. There were signs of life from the native Jungler halfway through the season but again cooled off as the season came to a close. In both playoff bouts against Cloud9 and Team Liquid, Akaadian had moments of brilliance and moments to forget.

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg | K/D/A Ratio → 5.8 | Kill Participation → 65%

Bjergsen in the Spring Split did was he always does – put up MVP caliber performances week in and week out. The six-time North American champion was the beacon of hope whenever fans needed one with interesting combinations such as using a Cloud9 special of Kindred and Zilean. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bjergsen will be the leader the roster needs and put on his carry pants when the team needs him most.

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen | K/D/A Ratio → 5.6 | Kill Participation → 70%

For every up, there was a down around the corner with Zven. Unfortunately for himself and TSM his biggest blunder in the famous black and white jersey was at a crucial moment against Team Liquid which aided

Zven iis the 2019 LCS Spring Split quarterfinals Human Torch
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

them to their third consecutive North American Championship. Despite his crucial mistake Zven was one of the best performing members on the TSM roster for Spring and will look to continue that heading into Summer and possibly the World Championship.




Andy “Smoothie” Ta | K/D/A Ratio → 3.6 | Kill Participation → 69%

One of the more emotional players on the team, Smoothie was left in tears after watching his team get reversed swept in yet another final defeat for the All-Star Support. Whilst Smoothie has not been the Smoothie we saw during his days at Cloud9, he was still able to secure himself on the third All-Pro Team. Smoothie is the wildcard for this roster heading into Summer. If he can reclaim his aggressiveness and carry mentality, then TSM will be a force to be reckoned with.

Roster Changes

Jonathan Grig” Armao

To some, it could be seen as a surprise to see Grig return to the starting line-up following the new aggressive playstyle Akaadian brought to the table in Spring. The majority of TSM fans were left asking the question of “can we replace Grig?” Over the years there has been a certain slow style TSM Junglers have taken up. The organization has been heavily criticized for “taking the life” out of their Junglers. Grig to many fans was the last straw and fans were crying out for changes to be finally made. Unfortunately for Grig, he was forced to watch from the sideline with a recurring wrist injury. Having both Junglers can be seen as a benefit: Grig will be the safe and controlled Jungler than will help TSM flex their macro game and Akaadian will be implemented to speed the pace against teams that are unable to deal with early game aggression.


TSM is likely to finish in the top two in the regular season. With Cloud9, TSM and Team Liquid all boasting similar strength it will be an exciting Summer Split full of action and interesting story lines as they prepare  for the 2019 World Championship.


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