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Top 10 ADC Champions at World 2019

Unlike previous seasons, the Bottom lane meta is pretty crazy. With a mixture of Marksman, Mages and even some fighters in the Bottom lane, there have been a variety of picks coming through in Worlds 2019. Most of these picks will be traditional AD Carries with a few “off-meta” picks. 


1. Syndra

This champion is very good at dominating lane and getting Tower plates. This makes her a very good pick as she can get a lot of gold very quickly and spend it on items that will give her a lot of damage. Syndra has great pick potential due to her E and her Ultimate which allows her to one-shot the squishiest of members. She is also a flex pick that can be played in the Mid lane as well as Bot. Here are her runes for when you give her a try.

2. Xayah

Xayah is a very reliable champion that is very strong in conjunction with practically every Support in the bottom lane. She is a highly contested pick and every team heading into the event plays her. From what has been seen from the games running up to the main stage, she is a highly contested pick and is usually picked first or banned. If you want to know why she is so good, give her a go trying out these runes.

3. Ashe

Ashe is a very reliable AD Carry that can influence the map with her Ultimate. She is a very good pick champion and has great poke during the laning phase. Post level 6, she is very good at setting up her Jungler for free kills down Bot too which allows her team to snowball. Here is her ideal rune setup.

4. Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa is a very reliable AD Carry that is good through all stages of the game. She is a highly contested pick due to her flexability, and her ability to snowball and remain reliable regardless of whether being ahead or behind. As she can build either AD or AP, she is able to slot into many different team comps. If you want to learn her AD and AP builds, check out our recommendations.

5. Ezreal

While Ezreal is far from the strongest AD Carry around, he is a pocket pick for most Bot laners heading into the event. He is a very safe pick that doesn’t need too much in terms of help from his Jungler and he can just farm. When a team doesn’t play around the Bottom lane or if the enemy has shown a pick/hook Support, they may seek to pick Ezreal up. Here is his build and rune setup.

6. Draven

Is one of the most aggressive AD Carries in the game and is a fan favorite to watch. From a viewer’s perspective, it’s great to finally see the Draven cash in on his Passive, and many will be rooting for him every time he is played. If a team is looking to dominate the early game and win lane-win game, Draven is the man to do it with. Here’s his ideal rune and build setup.

7. Yasuo

Yas is a fun champion to watch. Whether you love him or hate him, it’s great to see professional players using him in multiple lanes. Paired with an aggressive Support who can knock the enemies up, or apply CC makes Yasuo Bot lane work. It’s not yet clear if he is all that succesful when being played or not, but pros are continuing to practice in him in Solo Queue. Here’s our rune suggestion if you want to give Bot Yasuo ago.

8. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger is a very strong laner and is difficult to lane against. When paired with a poke Support, he is able to keep the enemy ADC under Tower. This is a very good way to play League as it prevents the enemy from getting gold from Tower plating. If the enemy has picked an engage Support, it can make them basically useless and unable to go in or roam. Here’s his rune and build suggestions.

9. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is one of the few traditional Carries on our list that is played purely in the Bottom lane. She seems to be good regardless of meta in Solo Queue, but that doesn’t always transition into pro play. If you want to know how to build Caitlyn, check out her rune setup.

10. Lucian

To finish off the list, Lucian. He is not very strong compared to some of the other champions on this list, but he is a pocket pick for many of the pros heading into Worlds 2019. When paired with an aggressive Support, Lucian can turn any lane into a kill lane which is a great to watch from a spectators point of view. If you want to learn how to play as Lucian or want to take a look at his runes and build, check this out.

And that about rounds up our list of the top 10 ADC champions who will be played at Worlds 2019. Do you agree with our list or do you think some of them will not see any play over the course of Worlds?

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