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Tips for Nailing the New Season Placement Matches

Tips for Nailing the Placement Matches

League of Legends Season 10 has officially begun and the soft ranked reset forces players to play 10 placement matches to determine their new rank. These matches are incredibly important for players looking to reach their desired ranks in the game. How well a player does in these games will be a major factor for the speed of climbing. The following are some tips for nailing placement matches.

Play a Comfortable Champion

Tips for Nailing the Placement Matches
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The placements matches are no place to play a new champion for the first time, especially the more difficult ones. Mechanically difficult champions can be satisfying to play, but it’s much easier to get better at the game when one can focus more on other aspects of the game. Playing a comfortable champion is a great strategy for increasing the chances of success in the placement matches. This also means that playing a comfortable role will provide the greatest chances of success. If the preferred champion is picked or banned, then playing a less mechanically intensive champion will be the best bet.

Practice Other Roles in Normals

Autofill is a part of the game that can be frustrating to deal with, especially in the placement matches. To reduce the hindrance that getting autofilled will have on gameplay, practice each role in normal games. There is nothing wrong with having a main role, but having passable knowledge of each role will maximize chances of victory.

Type as Little as Possible

While communication in a team game like League of Legends is vital, typing to teammates is often a bad decision. Much of what can be communicated through typing can be done with pings and typing always has the chance to tilt teammates. If it’s necessary to communicate through typing, make sure to find a safe position first and keep it brief.


Remember that even though losing a game of League of Legends can be frustrating, maintaining a solid mental state is important. Take a break if tilt starts to set in and affects gameplay in a negative way. There will be always be factors that can’t be controlled, and stressing over these aspects is no way to climb efficiently.


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