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Tips for Dominating in the Clash Tournaments

Tips for Dominating in the Clash Tournaments

The global beta for Clash is coming to League of Legends on December 2, and the test tournaments will begin on December 7-8 and December 14-15. Players will craft teams with four of their friends to face off against other pre-made teams. Special rewards have been granted to teams in past Clash events, and these events may provide something similar. The following are some tips for dominating in the Clash tournaments.


Make Coordinated Plays

A huge advantage that Clash teams have over solo and duo queue teams is the utilization of direct voice communication. Having the ability to make coordinated plays and decisions as a team allows for smoother macro gameplay. Let teammates know when important abilities are on cooldown, and when it’s safe to execute a gank. While pings can communicate much of this with strangers, saying these things out loud can lead to quicker reaction times. Make sure to formulate a strategy with teammates, whether that’s grouping up or split-pushing after the laning phase is over.


Focus on Win Conditions

Draft a team composition that includes one or two win conditions to focus on getting ahead. Some team compositions with champions like Draven, Renekton and Rek’Sai will need to apply pressure in the early stages of the game before they start falling off and losing power. Other team compositions with champions like Kayle, Ryze and Jinx will need to be protected in the early game, so they can scale up with items and levels. Playing around win conditions will greatly improve the chances of winning, and moving on in the Clash tournaments.


Objectives are most Important

Tips for Dominating in the Clash Tournaments
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Getting kills is a great way to get ahead in League of Legends, but it’s usually not enough to end the game on its own in coordinated play. Securing objectives is an essential part of snowballing a lead, and ending the game in an efficient manner. Rotating and grouping up to take down towers opens up more areas of the map to make plays and gain map control. Securing early Rift Heralds will accelerate this process and even grant bonus gold by destroying turret plates. Dragons are even more important in season 10, and securing a dragon soul makes the game incredibly difficult for the opposing team. In the later stages of the game, Baron will allow a team to smash through the opposing team’s base and become stronger in teamfight situations.


Practice in Ranked Flex

Queuing up with a Clash team in ranked flex is a good way to prepare for the Clash tournaments. Building synergies as a team will allow that team to be a step ahead of teams that are playing together for the first time. Synergy between laners and the jungler is great for setting up calculated ganks, and having synergy in the bottom lane will allow players to play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Practicing specific team compositions will help players understand how to play around their composition, but just be aware that the opposing team has access to each players’ stats.


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