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Tips for Climbing in Season 10

Tips for Climbing in Season 10

The preseason for season 10 of League of Legends is less than two weeks away, and it’s the perfect time to improve upon climbing techniques before placement matches. Many players find themselves stuck in their current division without making changes and improvements to their play style. There is always something new to learn in League of Legends, and even players of highest caliber make frequent mistakes. Losing can be discouraging, but maintaining a solid mental state is essential for succeeding in ranked. The following are some tips for climbing in season 10.

Take Frequent Breaks

Losing streaks can be frustrating and cause game play mechanics and decision making to deteriorate. After a tough loss, or even a difficult win, going outside for a breath of fresh air can provide a mental reset. Grabbing something to eat, getting some exercise or listening to music are also great ways of stepping back from the game and trying again with a fresh mindset. Entering a game tilted is a recipe for disaster, and will severely hinder the ability to play at the highest level.

Don’t be Afraid to Dodge

Chances are, if teammates are arguing about something in champion select, they will continue to argue while playing the game. If a teammate is on a five game loss streak and has a low win rate with the champion they want to play, they could be titled before the game even starts. These are just a few warning signs that a game might go wrong, and will usually warrant dodging the game. Losing three or even 10 LP from dodging is almost always better than playing a game that is unlikely to be won.

Never Stop Farming

In low elo especially, this is one of the most important tips for climbing in season 10. Farming well is the easiest and most consistent way to create and snowball a lead. Through simply perfecting last hitting and learning the proper techniques of wave management, a lead can be created without any kills. Using the practice tool is a great way to learn how to last hit properly, and can also show the natural behaviors of minion waves. Setting up a freeze in the early stages of the game by having three less minions in the wave forces the lane opponent into an overextended position. This can allow the jungler to set up easy ganks and deny the opponent gold and experience. Once the game reaches a point where lanes are grouping, fast pushing the wave and grouping up is a great strategy.

Place Priority on Objectives

Tips for Climbing in Season 10
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Getting kills and stomping lane is a great feeling, but it doesn’t win the game on its own. Focusing on objectives like towers, dragons, Rift Herald and Baron speeds up the tempo of the game and each objective leads to the next. Dragons are going to be especially important in season 10 due to the greater impact they will have on the game. Dragon souls are incredibly powerful and provide a significant advantage over the opposing team. Rift Herald will now spawn twice, so securing these early will make it much easier to siege through towers and secure early gold from turret plating. Baron is an effective way to close out a game with the increased power granted to minions.

Tighten Champion Pool

Narrowing down to one to five main champions to play in ranked is a great way to improve. Rather than learning the intricacies of 20 different champions, mastering just a few in a variety of different matchups can accelerate the learning process. Maining one champion, also known as “one-tricking”, is a strategy that many players use to climb, just make sure to have a backup or dodge if the champion is picked or banned. Sticking to one or two roles also accelerates the learning process.

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