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Three Things Dignitas Need to do for a Successful Week Six

Three Things Dignitas Need to do for a Successful Week Six

After their first positive week in some time, Dignitas heads into week six looking to keep their momentum going, this time up against some tougher competition in Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and CLG. 

In week five, Dignitas managed to go 2-1 for the first time since the opening week. The positive record didn’t alter the standings too much as the team still sits in sixth place with a 17-16 record. It did, however, get the team back on track after several consecutive losing weeks. Here are three things Dignitas needs to do for a successful week six:

1. Listen to Aphromoo

Much of the team’s success from the previous week came from a sudden positive shift in chemistry and communication. This success came largely due to Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black taking over and doing a good job leading his team. In their first game last week against TSM, the former MVP played amazing, not just in his raw ability but also through his positioning and shot calling.

Because of Aphromoo, the team just seemed to be more cohesive when it came to getting picks, securing objectives and pushing lanes. This Dignitas team is still really young so having a veteran like Aphromoo lead the way is extremely vital for the team, not only for this split but also the overall future. If DIG can play together and tight again this weekend by following Aphromoo’s lead, they will add some more wins to their record.

2. Early Jungle Pressure From Akaadian

Along with Aphromoo, Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham also had quite an impressive performance in the team’s positive week five. This was the Jungler’s second straight week back starting in the LCS scene after spending close to two years on Academy rosters. He has had success in the league before such as when he reached the 2019 Spring Split Finals as the Jungler for TSM.

In both of the teams wins last week, Akaadian managed to apply a great amount of pressure early in the game. This pressure secured the team early kills which allowed for Dignitas to snowball into the mid and late game. This play style seems to be working for Akaadian and DIG so going into their week six matchups they should attempt to continue doing this.

3. Get Neo Back on Track

The past weekend might have been one of the worst this split for Dignitas young star AD Carry Toàn “Neo” Trần. After putting up great performances with Aphromoo as the team was falling apart earlier in the season, Neo managed to play great while everything around him was collapsing. In the past week, despite the team going positive, he was outperformed by the AD Carries he versed, especially when it came to farming. Neo did show some promise on the Kalista on Sunday against Immortals but the team ultimately failed to secure the victory. 

A lot of Neo’s lack of farm may come from Dignitas putting more priority onto Akaadian and Mid Laner David “Yusui” Bloomquist in terms of rotations and team fights. If DIG wants to continue doing this that is fine, so long as Neo understands this new role. Needless to say, if Neo can get back on track this weekend as his team continues to play as strong as they did last week, the black and yellow can walk away with yet another positive weekend.

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