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Theorycrafting TSM: The Go All Out Lineup

No TSM starting lineup has been as uncertain as the 2021 lineup heading into the offseason. With such a myriad of possibilities, it is time to do everyone’s favorite part of the offseason, roster theorycrafting. Each one of the pieces in this series will look to put together the best lineup for TSM with a given direction, who is best available and who is actually realistic to fill each spot. There will be people who love these lineups and those who hate them. Not everyone can be pleased, so keep an open mind and see if this might be a roster TSM should consider.

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Lineup Direction: Go All Out

This section will explain the mindset behind each direction for the lineup for this piece. Going all out means that TSM grab the best team they can. This may not mean the best at each position necessarily but the team that gives them the best chance at an LCS title, a Worlds run and one that is actually possible considering contract status and general availability. Money is not an issue in this scenario.

Top: Licorice

In this scenario TSM win what will likely be a bidding war for Licorice. He is a proven commodity and sure there are times where he has struggled but he has found success against some of the best at Worlds. Playing weak side is not an issue for him and given the chance, if the meta changes, he can be the carry the team needs. Age is not a factor as he just turned 23 and personality-wise he seems like a great teammate. Again, TSM will have to spend a bit to get him but in the end, he is probably their best available and realistic option with NA residency.

Jng: Spica

No real surprise here. He is young and TSM already, at least according to the rumors, seem to want to build around him. Also, he does not take up an international slot which allows for TSM to use those elsewhere. Not much else to say that TSM fans do not already know.

Mid: Perkz

The first international slot is taken here and for good reason. In NA and EU, Perkz has to be the top available player, if he actually leaves G2. Not only would he fit in the LCS well, but he would also likely become the best player in the league. Should he come to TSM, there is no doubt that he would be paid extremely well to do so. Perkz coming to TSM is the dream and he would instantly make them a Worlds contender while getting to play his primary position once again.

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Bot: Doublelift

Are there better bot laners in NA currently? Sure. But none of them are available and there is still the chance that Doublelift can become the best bot laner in the LCS again. He doesn’t take up an international slot and is clearly one of the most experienced bots in the world. Even with his unfortunate record internationally, Doublelift still helps to create the best “going for it” team that TSM can put together.

Sup: Keria

While he and DRX did not perform up to expectations at Worlds 2020, Keria was still one of the best supports in the world coming into the tournament. He just turned 18, clearly has the potential to continue to be a Worlds level support and most importantly, his contract is up. TSM would have to do some serious convincing to get him to leave the LCK but money does a lot of talking. TSM fans would just need to imagine someone as talented as CoreJJ but eight years younger. That should make them happy.

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