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The Worlds Skins for FunPlus Phoenix Have Been Revealed

The FunPlus Phoenix Worlds skins are here and they look incredible. Riot Games have been doing these specialized skins for the winner of Worlds since Season 1. Each winner gets to pick a champion and have the skin made with it. Normally these include specialized emotes or animations for when that champion and skin are going B or back to the fountain. Here are the champions that were picked by each of the members of FunPlus Phoenix.

Top Lane GimGoon: Gangplank

Jungle Tian: Lee Sin

Mid Lane Doinb: Malphite

Bot Lane LWX: Vayne

Support Crisp: Thresh

FunPlus Phoenix came onto the scene hot in 2019 after not showing much in the years prior. It was their first appearance on the Worlds stage and they made it count. Not only did they sweep through the competition but they bested Fnatic, 2018 Worlds Champions Invictus Gaming and then swept the European favorite in G2 Esports. This team changed how the game is played mostly due to Doinb and his ability to play off-meta picks such as the Malphite. Each of the champions selected by the team had a major impact on their win at 2019 Worlds.

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