While it may not be the main theme for Worlds, the orchestral theme is certainly a staple. It is one that is played throughout the biggest esports event in the world and one that is certainly in the back of many fan’s minds. The Worlds 2021 Orchestral Theme was certainly a great one and it seems like the new one will be no different. Riot has finally revealed the Worlds 2022 Orchestral Theme and there is no doubt it brings all the feelings as Worlds 2022 approaches.

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Riot Games revealed the new orchestral theme on YouTube.

More similar to the Worlds 2020 orchestral theme but its own art style, the Worlds 2022 theme is a bit darker but still keeping some of the same colors. The blue and silver/white is pretty normal for Worlds-themed anything. The charcoal and bronze colors are not so much. Will these always be added or is this a one-time deal?

For those who may have missed it or forgotten it, one of the past few Worlds were supposed to be in NA. This will be the first time League of Legends Worlds will be heading to the region since 2022. Considering it is Riot Game’s home region, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them spare no expense to make it a grand spectacle.

This Worlds will travel to Mexico City, New York, Atlanta (which was once Toronto) and then end in San Francisco. All of these cities will have plenty to do for those who are able to make it to them. With the LCS looking as strong as it has, NA fans should show up in droves to see their teams in action.

Now as Worlds 2022 nears, fans will start preparing both mentally and likely physically as some sleep schedules will certainly get changed.

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