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The Winning Teams of the LCS

The Winners of the LCS

The North American League Championship Series has begun with two days of fresh professional gameplay. The games have been interesting, and it will be exciting to see how the rest of the split pans out for each team. The following are the winning teams of the LCS in the first two days of competition.

The Winners


The Winning Teams of the LCS
Image Courtesy of FlyQuest Sports

FlyQuest is currently undefeated with two wins, besting Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming on the rift. They absolutely dominated Immortals with 21 kills to eight with an Infernal Soul, ending the game after 38 minutes. FlyQuest’s top laner Omran “V1per” Shoura looked especially clean this game playing Riven. FlyQuest also took down Counter Logic Gaming with 19 kills to six with a Mountain Soul, ending the game after 31 minutes. Their synergy as a team is looking solid, and they’re poised to be one of the top competitors for this split.


The Winning Teams of the LCS
Image Courtesy of Cloud9 Gaming

Cloud9 is also looking to have a successful split, starting undefeated by beating Team Liquid and Golden Guardians. Their victory over Team Liquid was slow-moving and calculated, ending the game after 24 minutes with nine kills to three. Cloud9 had to carefully pace their strategy against Team Liquid to avoid underestimating the previous split champions. Their match against Golden Guardians was much more action packed, ending the game after 33 minutes with 19 kills to seven with a Cloud Soul, as well as the Baron buff.


The Winners of the LCS
Image Courtesy of Dignitas

Dignitas has made a strong return to the LCS starting undefeated by taking down Counter Logic Gaming and Evil Geniuses. They beat Counter Logic Gaming in a long 40 minute game with 15 kills to four. Henrik “Froggen” Hansen snowballed out of control in this game and dished out massive damage playing Viktor. Dignitas amassed a 10,000 gold lead against Evil Geniuses, ending the game in 28 minutes with twelve kills to two. This game was much more focused on shredding through towers, rather than besting Evil Geniuses in teamfighting.

Hundred Thieves

The Winners of the LCS
Image Courtesy of Hundred Thieves

100 Thieves are starting out strong with one win. They gave Golden Guardians their first loss in a fairly close match. Golden Guardians had secured all four dragons and gained the Infernal Soul. 100 Thieves bested them through turret pressure as well as some key teamfight wins. The game ended at the 38 minute mark with 14 kills for 100 Thieves and 12 for Golden Guardians. 100 Thieves will look to secure their second win of the split against Evil Geniuses.


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