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The Ruined King, Viego Potentially Leaked as League’s New Champion

Viego The Ruined King Leak

Rumors have been swirling that the Ruined King would finally be making his way to League of Legends. This would not be just his sword but it looks like as the next League of Legends Champion. According to leaks by Twitter user “PixelButts” the Ruined King, apparently named Viego, has been accidentally pushed through to the PBE files but is not live yet. Here is a look at League of Legends newest champion.

The Ruined King has been confirmed!

Checkout his abilities HERE!

Checkout his release date HERE!

Ruined King Cinematic
Ruined King Cinematic

Here is a 50-second video showing his walking and much more.

The files that have apparently been pushed through to the PBE servers. Again he is not live or playable on the PBE yet.

It looks like either he will get a special item that puts his mask on or maybe it is one of his abilities? It could also be something in one of his emotes that allows him to change. A skin is also another idea but this seems too close to the regular skin to be likely.

Lastly, this is possibly a part of his splash art. Most of the time League of Legends has a certain style to their splash art. When comparing to every other champions, this is the only part that seems unlikely. Remember that people have been able to make fakes very easily. The reason to believe this could be real is the fact that it already seems like the Ruined King, dubbed Viego, is coming to the game.

The last champion road map and more made this seem very likely. With the League of Legends live stream happening early Friday, fans will get to see if he really is the next League of Legends champion.

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